Saturday, October 31, 2009

Chai Tea Muffins

This Sunday I'm making deep-dish cornbread pizza using a cornbread crust vegan pizza recipe I've used before and

chai tea muffins
(from Karen W):

They were experimental and modded from the original since I didn't have soy yogurt (I substituted 1 "egg" - use your replacement method of choice - plus about 1/4 c of soymilk). I used vanilla soymilk, if that matters (probably not). The recipe is from here.

Disregard the topping. The "glaze" - which was really supposed to be a frosting but I didn't get enough powdered sugar - came from here.

I replaced the milk with soymilk and the butter with earth balance.

I usually use ground flax seed + soymilk for egg replacer, but this time I used actual egg replacer.

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