Monday, November 24, 2008

Maita's Mom Casserole

Take one lb. German Mother...

no wait, sorry...

Maita's Mom's Casserole is a combination of white sauce and red sauce over pasta and baked in the oven. Makes one pika, all amounts approximate.

White Sauce: Combine 3 boxes soy milk, garlic powder salt and white (black) pepper until the milk tastes slightly saltier than you would normally eat, but flavorful. Heat slowly to avoid the soy milk boiling over. Thicken to the point where sauce coats the back of a spoon with your favorite method: Method one, cook for a really long time... Method two, add lots of cheese... Method three, make a roux out of equal parts flour and margarine and cook for 5 minutes on medium heat then add roux to milk... Method four mix a small amount of water with lots of corn starch and add.

Red Sauce: Heat oil in a large pot and add chopped garlic once the oil is hot. Quickly add onions, stir and add salt and pepper. Cook the onions over medium heat until they turn translucent and add a small amount of celery and carrots. Cook until carrots are kind of soft. Add two large cans of tomato (whole crushed chopped or sauce). Add a handfull of sugar a tablespoon of salt and a cup or so of vinager. Add italian spices like basil and oregano and garlic powder. Taste the sauce. If it tastes like bland V8 (tomato juice without salt) add more of everything (or just more salt). If it tastes salty add sugar and vinager. If it tastes too tart add salt and sugar. If it tastes too sweet add vinager and salt. Repeat until happy or your taste buds quit and let it simmer on low heat.

Pasta: Meanwhile you should have set a huge pot of water to boil, becasue this takes forever. Add your favorite pika size (one shopping bag usually works for me) of pasta to the pot along with a lot of salt. Cook pasta until done and strain.

Casserole: Layer red sauce on the bottom of the pan. Layer pasta, layer white sauce, layer pasta, layer red sauce. Repeat until you run out of something. Cook this in a 350 degree oven for a while... it doesnt need to cook but the pasta needs to soak up the sauces.

Get creative! Add soy meats to the red sauce or put steamed veggies in one of the layers.

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